Frequently Asked Questions

- What can I do if I lost my tickets?

Simply login to your account and go to your dashboard. From there, you can find your upcoming events. Select view tickets and you can choose to download any or all of them to retrieve your QR code electronically or choose to print out your ticket(s).

- Can the purchaser get a refund?

Yes, you can contact the organization to request a refund.

- How does the seller issue a refund?

Login to your account and select the upcoming event. In the sales section at the top of the screen you will see the tickets you sold, any refunds that may have already been issued, and who attended. Find the purchaser in the ticket sales section and click refund in the first field next to the name column.

- Is it safe to purchase tickets on this website?

Yes, the CANNABIS BUSINESS SOCIAL NETWORK website is completely safe to visit and use to purchase tickets. Your credit card information is not saved on a server. Rather, it is processed through a secure third party site called Stripe where all credit card numbers are encrypted. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.

- How can I update my profile information?

Logon to your account and find your profile on the left side of the screen. Under your picture and name, click on edit profile and make the necessary changes. Click save changes and/or change password.

- How can I change my payment information?

In the event page you selected, click on the buy button, from that screen in the payment method section, you will be able to keep the payment information you used previously or click on the dropdown arrow to enter a new card.